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Welcome Sunyogi


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Mon 21st August - 6pm to 7.30pm

Free Introductory talk on Sun Yoga

and the opportunity to meet Sunyogi


Wed 30th Aug - 6.30pm to 8pm

Satsang in honor of Sunyogi

with our favourite musician - 

Nadav Khan

cost $25 for an amazing yogic practice with sound. a wonderful way to celebrate Sunyogi's presence with us.

Fri 1st Sept - 6.30pm to 8pm

Beginners meditation

Q and A on Sun yoga

Sat 2nd Sept - 11am to 4pm

Acupressure appointments

with Sunyogi himself. 

30min consults - $60

Bookings essential - click HERE  


We are very blessed to have Sunyogi, an international teacher visiting our humble studio. I can't wait to share these many experiences with Sunyogi and all of you, our wonderful Ascension community. Be sure to get in and get involved. Friends and family are very welcome :-)


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Sunyogi Retreat 

Kanagaroo valley

Thurs 24/08 4pm onwards to Sun 27/08 3pm

This is an amazing opportunity to spend one on one & group time with a practicing and true yogi, straight from the high energy of the Himalayas.


The house with Sunyogi is booked out

However, there is more accommodation just up the road. So we can accommodate up to 6 more people. 

Cost for 3 days including food and all sessions with Sunyogi $410—accommodation is extra

Email or contact me for more details

Bookings Essential

 click HERE


Take on the India

21 Day Challenge 

Poster image Vrksasana.jpg

29th June to

19th July

10 minute daily practice


Even though a group of us will be away on our pilgrimage in India, you can still join us! Through our yogic practices we can stay connected. 

Just choose your preferred practice or something you would like to focus on and hold an intention to practice consistently whilst we are away & the yoga studio is closed.

Please see example practice sheets below, along with the sequence of Surya Namaskar - good to do 9 times each day :-) OR email me if you would like a pranayama practice instead and I'll send you a recording.


 Its all about Intention & Priorities. Choose to have 10 minutes for yourself, at least, everyday on your mat and see and feel the benefits.


We look forward to sharing our experience and good vibes on our return!

For pranayama practices

 click HERE

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