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6 week course

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Monday's 6pm to 7pm

Starts 9th Oct

Are you feeling like you need a fresh start?

Need to have more energy and feel better in yourself?

Would you like to feel calmer and happier?

Practicing yoga will give you all of these aspects, plus a whole lot more, such as better sleep, better hormone regulation - important to manage stress and you will have a sense of resting, with time for yourself. Everyone who practices yoga always finds relief to their particular ailments and walks out feeling better than when they walked in. Its addictive! So come join us and see for yourself :-)


Cost $185 

Bookings essential

- Click HERE  



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weekend workshop 

Sat 18/11 - 4pm to 6pm &

Sun 19/11 - 2 Sessions

8am to 10am

& 2pm to 4pm


So do the planets really have an effect on my life? What does the Sun, Moon and ascendant indicate in my chart and how do they influence my life path?


The answer to these questions will be the main focus of the workshop over the weekend and they are a great start to tap into and explore the deeper aspects of yourself and how they express themselves in your day to day life.


Vedic astrology is not at all a crystal ball, airy fairy philosophy. It is an ancient science of light, one that was always used in conjunction with the practice of both yoga and Ayurveda.

Vedic astrology has shown me, time and time again, of its great power to help guide us along our paths. It is an essential tool for self development as we gain more knowledge, understanding and compassion for ourselves and those around us.


If you have been intrigued and would like to know more, join us.

I'm so excited to be able to finally run a workshop on this science of light.


You will receive your own birth chart and we will look at each others' charts to gain understanding of these 3 key elements in a birth/natal chart.


Cost incl gst $140

chart included

** Bookings essential

Maximum of 8 students

Email Lisa HERE


Free led practice

with Lisa

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Sunday 15th Oct

8am to 9.15am

Enjoy an extra yoga practice during the weekend, whilst also supporting Tracey in her journey to becoming a teacher.

 These practices a very popular so please be sure to book in.

Students must have 6mths minimum experience and be a current member at Ascension.

Bookings essential 

 click HERE

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