Welcome to Ascension Astrology & Yoga


Ascension is a blossoming community space, that vibrates with love and connection. Ascension provides a beautiful sanctuary for self-awareness and transformation to occur. Creating a healing space and building a community interested in the higher teachings of yoga and its trans-formative philosophies matter to me. My prayer is to support your experience of wellness, joy, and the pursuit of truth.

 Ascension offers classes and workshops in the tradition of Iyengar yoga using props and alignment to create a balance not just in the physical self, but mentally and emotionally too, essential for leading a balanced, happy and healthy life enabling you to reach your full potential.

I look forward to welcoming you and supporting your yoga journey.

A few words on Yoga & Vedic Astrology

Yoga is practiced to re-connect us to our greater cosmic being, where All is One. On a practical level this is done through the practice of poses (asanas) and breath control (pranayama).


Vedic Astrology is used to identify our Souls life purpose and karmas for this incarnation. Vedic Astrology is referred to as the Science of Light, and recognises that each soul is unique. Using the date, place and time of birth produces a map of the souls journey. Vedic Astrology has vast and powerful predictive powers as well as invaluable self-knowledge into our sub-consciousness,


The power and transformation through these modalities is life changing, leading to more harmony, compassion, wisdom and love.


Om Anand Om

**Please note:
Ascension has a no refund policy.