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Rishikesh River, India
Lisa Bianco
 - Creator & Operator of Ascension Astrology & Yoga

I have always been drawn to traditional and ancient philosophies and practices from the east, which led me to yoga 23 years ago in India. I have trained in the world wide recognised tradition of Iyengar yoga, and studied in Pune, India with the Iyengar family and have attended numerous conventions over this time. Teaching and running a yoga school for the past 18 years has given me invaluable knowledge & experience to a wide range of students and the honour to witness, first hand, the transformational power of yoga.

Yoga in its practical and philosophical application is the path which has put me in touch with that elusive 'inner Self' bringing to my daily life contentment, love, compassion and ongoing understanding of the link between mind, body and spirit and the connection of oneness to ‘All there is’. The famous poet, Rumi, put’s it perfectly when he states simply and profoundly  –

‘You are not a drop in the Ocean, but the Ocean in a drop’

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Kristina Murphy

 I attended my first yoga class in the Suffolk Park Surf Club in 1994, in northern New South Wales when I was 19 and at university. From this point onwards yoga really resonated with me and I have chased yoga classes in every place I’ve lived and traveled ever since, settling on Iyengar as my preferred choice of yoga style. This is because it appeals to a more nurturing element in relation to caring for the body using props and finding the correct alignment.  Also it allows you to push the boundaries of your body in a safe and secure way, challenging yourself while still progressing at your own pace. I love moving my body in lots of different directions, finding my limitations and seeing my body do things I never thought possible. I also love the sense of peace and calm that come over me as I move through the poses focusing on my breath. This helps put any worries or anxieties I have in life back into perspective. As a high school teacher by day, and fostering my love of yoga over the years, it seemed the perfect next step for me, to bring these two elements of my life together and learn to teach yoga. Finally making that dream a reality.  

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Geraldine Macklin

I have had an interest in yoga for many years and found it a wonderful form of fitness while raising a child and working. Since retiring and developing as a teacher, my yoga focus has changed. While the physical benefits of yoga are well known, I have come to see it as an integral part of my whole wellbeing, helping to navigate the twists and turns that life can present, whether physical or emotional. Yoga is a continual process of learning, exploring and connecting with oneself. It is a practice for all regardless of age, gender, ethnicity or religion. I feel privileged to help others find the joys of yoga.

Rishikesh River, India

Natalie McDonnell

I'm very excited to introduce Natalie McDonnell. Natalie has completed her Iyengar yoga teacher training in Chicago with well known Senior Teachers in the States. Natalie has practiced yoga for 10 years and run her own massage business for 15 years, she brings a great body of knowledge, empathy, skill and passion to her practice and teaching. Best of all, however, she is a beautiful person, with a great sense of humor. 

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