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Lisa in the sacred Shiv Khori Cave, India 2014

Dalai Lama

Our Solar System where the macro is mirrored in the micro - us!
About Lisa

From a child I always  felt a deep connection and fasination to the stars and planets. Soaking up any information, which was scarce at the time on Astrology and Astronomy. Finally with the balancing effects of yoga I was blessed with the opportunity to take this interest further and study Astrology. At the time both Western and Vedic Astrology was on my radar, as my renowned spiritual teacher Michael Conneely, offered both. However, it became very clear that I was meant for Vedic Astrology as it originates from the same ancient text as Yoga does, the Veda's and once I started it felt like coming home. Marrying the two together I have found untold treasures of insights into my life, and have realised that both Yoga and Vedic Astrology support each other in a very practical and illuminating way. Thanks to Michael's encouragement, sharp intellect, humour and wonderful guidance through my studies, which will continue for years to come. I am now able to offer both of these powerful and transformative tools to my clients.

It is my deepest wish that you too to find such light and guidance in your life, using this vast ancient wisdom and science which was always meant for guiding humanity to it's Higher Self.

1 hr Initial reading

Readings consist of a general overview with a focus on achieving ones purpose in life and recommending traditional yoga techniques to support this.

Readings may then go into a specific area as indicated on the information form.


How to schedule a Vedic reading

Fill out the consult form

When payment has been received, please see link below, I will get back to you with time availabilities. If there are time limitations please mention this.


When filling out the consultation form it is important to be clear and give as much information as requested so that you can receive the answers you are seeking.


Vedic astrology is a science and as thus has a very systematic approach through the ancients of thousands of years to this modern day. Remedies to assist you along your life's path are also sourced in the same way.

Rising Blue Moon


Initial reading is $140

To make payment please bank transfer to the following account:

Account Name: Ascension Astrology and Yoga

BSB number: 112-879

Account Number: 423 075 207

Reference: Your name

Follow ups

15min to 30min follow ups are available at $100 per hour for clients who have already had an initial reading.


Follow-ups will become important to help guide you and stay focused on points highlighted from your initial reading.

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