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Ascension's Yoga Retreat

Just yesterday, twelve beautiful yoga students, my son and his friend, a little puppy and my amazing husband were at Bamarang Bush Retreat in the beautiful and peaceful surrounds on the shoalhaven river.

What a special weekend it was. Such diversity in the group and yet so much harmony. All with an open heart ready to receive whatever it was I had to offer, whether it was an intense 2 hour yoga class, yoga philosophy or debating about the workings of the galaxy in our wonderful discussions on astrology. But of course as we humans ALL love to be nurtured food was a hot topic! Especially vegetarian food - for what 3 days! Will I survive? And worse still being served water in wine glasses!? No alcohol?! I think these basic needs along with having to share rooms with interesting creatures who were just wondering through their own environment and happening on some poor terrified Human were HOT on the list of challenges, never mind the 2 hour yoga classes!

BUT what a difference over a weekend :-)

Students wanted the recipes of the amazing vegetarian food Cameron was dishing up with everyone commenting on how much lighter and better they felt - even my son's friend who is 12 years old!

Even the wildlife become more familiar as did the wonderful, blissful silence in the mornings were permission was given to NOT speak for a few hours.

Whilst running retreats can be quite challenging, this retreat was like a big family re-union digging into home made pesto pasta over a very long table.

And then to top it off, one of the best things at Bamarang is being able to have a fire on the back deck - which is huge and filled with sofas to relax in and really soak in nature all around you. Well as the temperature fell, there we were in February,

after surviving 45 degree days, happy to sit around a fire and talk the night away.

I am so grateful that I can share these experiences with such amazing people and I look forward to doing it all again soon.

Much love to you all and I will be posting the much loved recipes!!

Don't forget to check out the pics.


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